To plan a website, there are factors to put in place First

Various search engines can account mostly for the majority of traffics to your websites. Traffic that does not come from paid source is the result of natural or organic SEO, which is dependent on your effort. Indexsy will show how various search engines operates

There two important division of search engine optimization.

  • There are the on-page optimization techniques; which are the things you do to boost your rank position within your web page
  • The second are the off-page optimization techniques; which are the things which must be done on other sites like creating a link building campaign that is benefiting to your site rank positively

There is a need to take care of the on-page optimization first because it is cheap to implement, this makes you build the strength of your website while the off page optimization puts it where it should belong.

Search engine optimization is a continuous process in online marketing; that has to start before your websites goes live, and it won’t even end when you decide to stop doing business again.

There are significant factors to include when planning stages of your websites; that is preferred when handled before the sites kick off and if you don’t do it before your site got started, here is your chance to do it and make the necessary changes.

The Keyword Research

Why should you have to think about keyword before you start your site? Because keyword is the foundation of search engine optimization. The understanding of your target market and the often search terms used is crucial; right keyword brings the traffics to your web page anytime and any day. The relevant keyword gotten can then be used to plant a domain name and also be mindful of the need to use the keywords for your text links. They would also be used to create the initial content of the websites


Navigation Elements

When your website is under the process of designing, make sure your web designer does not use images to navigate it. This is one of the common mistake web designers makes; you will think those text he is writing are real but are turned into images. Search engine crawlers cannot read text that turns into images. Your designer should use hyperlinked text.

Indexsy can get you through all this factor for better chances of rank high.


Will The Condo Market Bubble In Vancouver Ever Burst?

2008 really hit all the major economies really hard and left many of them down there, writhing hard in pain and depression. This was the recession that made major banks and organizations go bankrupt. On the other hand was this ever growing, ever resilient market that was still treading ahead in all robustness.

It was the Port Moody real estate market. Amidst the shouts that economy has been stalled for ever, here were people still going to realtors in search of nice places to live in. many people attributed it to simply the living standards than to stability but soon they knew better.

The Initial Lull

It will be wrong to say that Vancouver was untouched by the recession as in the end of 2008 and most of the 2009, there was a slight decline in property value. But soon it all changed. Fast forward it to 2015 and people are still getting good prices for all kinds of establishments including condos.

The Reasons For The Growth In Demand

Low Mortgage Rates: Initially the reason for people buying real estate was the fact that they did not have to worry about mortgages or loans as the housing loans were naturally very low. This led to no panic at all and in fact encouraged people to continue buying establishments and other constructions all through these years.

Private Money Lenders: There are many people with bad credit history who do not have the option of going to a bank and getting a deal. This is generally due to the fact that though these banks have low interests, their policies are very strict. The fact is that most people can pay back mortgages and loans despite being on the wrong side of credit history. Therefore, the private money lending market thrives in Vancouver. So with many people or groups willing to lend you money on simpler and easier conditions and terms, most people bought property this way. These are generally the people who are willing to make more money with their already present excesses.

Unaffected Banks: The banks of Vancouver remained unaffected for the longest time as they did not crash or go bankrupt during the meltdown. This provided a support to people for buying more realty.

Culture Support: In Vancouver MLS buying houses or condos or any other establishment has been a norm. When something is ingrained in you, one finds ways to accomplish it.

To date the Vancouver condo market is growing and in demand.

Beacons, iBeacon and Eddystone have very small differences

Like other technologies, beacons need a protocol facilitating the manufacturing, transmission, programming and general functionality from the beacon. Each tech product requires the game rules to be defined so that the specifications and parameters are clear to anyone wishing to join.

A familiar aspect with industries is the competing standards and this was apparent in the victory of Blu-ray over HD DVD. This was followed by many such protocols such as USB to 4G and so on. With the appearance of each technology, the market demand increased and one was pushed up, while others were out of the door. However, when performance and cost are the same, users do not show strong preference for one. For instance Coke and Pepsi that is seen as substitutes of each other and the scenario are same for beacons communication having almost same standards, iBeacon and Eddystone. Both broadcasting protocols depend on Bluetooth 4.0 and they support the deployments of beacon fully as they offer the same functionality and vary in small extra features.

iBeacon and Eddystone, both are backed by tech giants supplying protocols bridging physical and digital worlds. It is very important to remember that iBeacon or Eddystone are hardware pieces that cannot be held in your hand. They provide communication standards using the software protocols for beacons. Here the beacons are the hardware part that supports one format or even the both. In fact, here the iBeacon and Eddystone are the devices speaking the languages.

Diversity between iBeacon and Eddystone

  • For practical purposes, the differences of iBeacon and Eddystone are very small as the beacons they power. The distinctions existing are on their functionalities margins. There is no reason for an end user to know about the slight differences.
  • Both protocols work with iOS and Android devices. Thus the incompatibility issue is not involved with beacon transmissions. Besides, beacons broadcast in both signals, thus ensuring all beacons can communicate with every smart device regardless of the OS it uses.

Thus the answer from the end users perspective regarding the difference between iBeacon and Eddystone is ‘Not much’.

Each protocol duplicates the functionalities of the other even if different paths are taken. Some paths are more direct, the difference here is the time taken to execute commands and this is perceptible to machines only and no end user is going to know the difference.

Beacon applications developers may disagree a little, but most of the technical things are beyond focus that the end users of such apps are going to find it interesting to know.